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Located near the junction of the Mackenzie River and Hodesow Creek, 193 air km north of Fort Simpson.

Unincorporated community

Population - 176

First Nations Band - Pehdzeh Ki First Nation
Contact: 867 581-3321

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Fort Alexander, a trading post operated by the Northwest Trading Company from 1817 to 1821, was located 3.4 km from the WIllowlake ad Mackenzie Rivers. When the post closed, the Slavey Dene settled at Old Fort Island, an area 32 km north of the present site of Wrigley. A Hudson Bay Company trading post was established in 1870. Between 1900 and 1905, 101 Dene died of famine and turberculosis, and many moved to FOrt Wrigley where the Slavey continued their nomadic lifestyle.

A power plant, school and teacher's residence were built in the late 1950's. The population increased to 128 by 1960. In 1965, due to wet ground amd overall poor living conditions, the settlement moved to Hodgson Creek, the present site of Wrigley.

(taken from Community Profile - ITI)