DCBDC Loan Applicaton Forms

A Deh Cho Business Development Center loan application must be include the following forms:

1) DCBDC Application Form

2) Personal Net Worth Form

Please fill in both forms and submit with your business plan.

These forms can be completed online. They can be printed or emailed back to us.
They require ADOBE READER version 7.0 or better to work properly.

Older versions of Adobe Reader will only allow you to print the document.



A complete Loan Application will include:

a) DCBDC loan application form
b) Personal net worth statement
c) 1 year projection of income and cash flow (minimum)
d) Summary of expected business activities, including:

i)  Location of enterprise
ii) Area of operation
iii) Project description adequately describing the proposed idea
iv) Documentation outlining experience and background of owners/management

If the applicant has been in business at anytime in the last 3 years, then he / she must also provide:

a) GST return
b) Employer remittances (if applicable)
c) Corporate income tax or Statement of Business Activities

In addition, proof of the following must be provided prior to disbursement:

a) Business license
b) Worker's Compensation registration (if applicable)
c) NWT Payroll Tax registration
d ) Business Number (if applicable)